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Watching and Waiting

Happy to kick off the New Year moving forward again on the wait list!  I’ve actually gotten so behind in posting these numbers, we should be getting new ones in a couple days- so hopefully I’ll have even better news here soon.

Not much new otherwise, just working hard… at work and about to be in the gym – oy! (Thats the American way right?! – heading to the gym in January).  Anyways, a good friend of ours just opened a Crossfit gym near Hamilton Mill- we had the honor of partnering with him to develop his brand image, and we just couldn’t resist jumping into working out with him as well.  I could hardly walk straight after the first session- but he assured me I’ll get less sore the more I do it, lets hope so!  Anyways, you should check him out! CrossfitPure.com


Quick Stats:


  • George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States
  • In Pixar’s Cars, the winning racecar’s number
  • Mark the Evangelist becomes the first Pope of Alexandria, thus establishing the Christian Church in Africa


  • The number of lines in a sonnet
  • The atomic number of silicon
  • A Storage server manufactured by IBM

Again, all stats from Wikipedia, believe it at your own risk …