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Veteran’s Day | Nov 12, 2010

Veteran’s Day

All day long yesterday Mark and I were fully aware that it was Veteran’s Day, even called my grandfather to thank him for his service. ¬†What we were slow to realize was that pretty much EVERY government office would be closed… where have we been the past 20+ years ūüėČ ¬†We had a relatively slow day at the office so we had planned to duck out a little early to get some final documents wrapped up. ¬†We needed to get our Power of Attorney state certified (down town) and our local criminal background checks from the sheriff’s¬†office. ¬†So, thankfully before we headed into town we called ahead and realized the Secretary of State’s office (where we’d get the state certification) was closed. ¬†Whew. ¬†However, we sat in the car and had the following debate about the Sheriff’s office:

Mark: Why don’t we just try the Braselton Police Dept, they’re right here?

Rachel: I don’t think they’ll be able to do it, it needs to be the County office.

Mark: But they might be closed…

Rachel: What, no way! Criminals act out all year round, just because it’s a National holiday isn’t going to stop them. ¬†There’s no way the Sheriff’s office can be closed. ¬†They just don’t close.

Mark: Are you sure, I don’t know. ¬†It’s a long way out there… Ok, if you say so…

So, off we went for the 20 minute drive into Jefferson. ¬†We turn down the long lonely winding road towards the courthouse, not a car in the parking lot. ¬†Take the next right towards the jail and sheriff’s office. ¬†Yet again, crickets. ¬†Ut oh, I thought. ¬†There’s no way. ¬†I get out of the car and pull on the door. ¬†Locked up like Fort Knox. ¬†You’ve got to be kidding me! ¬†I really couldn’t believe it. ¬†I was positive they’d be there. ¬†I gave Mark and very humble, You were right… um, my bad. ¬†I’m so sorry. ¬†And away we went. ¬†Aside from our wasted hour in the car, there were two redeeming factors. ¬†1. ¬†Monday morning I have jury duty at that same courthouse… so I’ll have no trouble finding it after our quick refresher… ¬†and 2. ¬†Mark took a detour and drove us by the church we got married at in Jefferson. ¬†That was my favorite part of the day, so indeed the trip was not a total waste!

What I learned: just enjoy celebrating National Holidays, because there’s no way you’re going to be productive, if there’s something you need from the government that is.