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This could take a while…

3.9 years in fact… at this rate none the less 🙂

Mark and I were so excited to hear our waiting list numbers for February… see how far we’ve moved! Then we got them. Not quite as much change as we had hoped for: 2 spots on the girl list and nothing for the siblings… Our agency told us to expect a 9-12 month wait for our referral, so just by looking at the numbers, I think it’s safe to say we can expect more change in future months to make that happen.

We keep reminding ourselves we are not the ones navigating this journey, the Lord has a perfect plan for our family and it’s all in His timing. I’ll admit though, deep down I’m hopeful we will err more on the zippy side of things.

Below are a few interesting facts about the numbers we are currently sitting at:

93: (Completely random facts)

  • AD 93 was a leap year
  • The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth
  • The roman numeral for 93 is XCIII
  • There are 93 stones at Stone Henge
  • With just 9 straight cuts, a potato can be split into 93 pieces

40: (A significant number in Christianity, much more interesting info)

  • Rain fell for “forty days and forty nights” during the flood
  • Moses’ life is divided into three 40-year segments, separated by his fleeing from Egypt, and his return to lead his people out.
  • Jesus was presented at the Temple in Jerusalem forty days after his birth.
  • Forty days was the period from the resurrection of Jesus to the ascension of Jesus.
  1. Waiting is hard. But you are so right. God has the most perfect plan for your family!
    Just think though, every day that passes is one day closer to bringing your child(ren) home.

    “Love is never tired of waiting.”1 Corinthians 13:4