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The G-ma’s to be

They are going to kill me for calling them grandmas!  Sorry.  Their official g-ma names are Branna (Rach’s mom) on the left and Gogo (Mark’s mom) on the Right.  We had an impromptu family gathering at our office last Friday, so what a great chance to snap a quick pic of them together.  Mark’s mom has been in GA for a couple weeks from Arkansas, and my mom and dad happened to swing by the office just before closing time and brought a special guest for our pup, her boyfriend, Ryker.  Below are a few pics of them hangin’ together.


So… all this excitement to share our new waiting list numbers for May.  Slow and steady win’s the race …right?  Lets hope so.  68 on the girls (down from 74) and 29 on the siblings (down from 33).  We’re pumped to have broken into the twenties!

A few fun numerical stats:


  • The Gospel of Mark is written (approximate date)
  • In degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for developing black-and-white film


  • A lunar month is approximately 29 days
  • The atomic number of copper

(not a whole lot of excitement via Wikipedia on these numbers)