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The Creeder | Oct 22, 2010

The Creeder

As most of you know, our nephew Creed has been in the middle of an inspiring journey these days. Born 11 weeks early and weighing only 2lbs, his first 5 years were spent in and out of the hospital and in January of this year he was diagnosed with monosomy7, in laymen’s terms a pre-Leukemia. A bone marrow transplant was the only option, so along for the ride he went. He’s now 56 days on the other side of the transplant and we’re praising God for his body’s healing. His white blood cell count has risen above the level he started with going into the transplant and is still on the up and up!

Throughout this journey he’s had some highs and lows, required BIG prayers and small ones, … and all the while it’s been amazing to see the Lord at work in his life. I can’t help but think how difficult this scenario would be to face without the absolute blessing of just living in America, where such seemingly unbelievable medical procedures are met enthusiasm and success. Your body needs a bone marrow transplant, so in essence, you need to kill off ALL of your current marrow, add in someone else’s, monitor your body to make sure its responding well, and PRAY for your body to start making new marrow. People, this is crazy stuff!! Scary stuff, big deal kind of stuff, but we can do it! Here is the states we have the medical teams and facilities to make this process available. What a blessing to live here. I can’t help but think of children all over the world who need even significantly less medical treatment, but have no means to get it.  To know your child needs a doctor, desperately needs medical help, but it’s no where in sight, that breaks my heart.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the intensity of what his little body is going through… it’s amazing, unfathomable even, whats happening inside of him right now. And it makes me beyond grateful to live where I live, to have the blessings and resources I have, to see God’s healing through medical treatment right before my eyes.

If you’ve never met my nephew, I highly suggest you do so. He skypes too you know 😉 His personality is infectious and he’s really like no kid I’ve ever met. The Lord has called him to be a fighter and he’s doing just that. You can continue to follow his story on his blog.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Creed and “Glory to God!”

  1. I love a good Creeder post!