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Only Water | Oct 10, 2011

Only Water

It is true. Its that time again! Lucking my friend Tara reminded me so I could still get on board at Day 01 with Living Water International’s 10 day challenge!  Basically the concept is your drink only water for 10 days (because it’s free) and the money you would have spent on your usually drinks, you donate toward building wells.  I took this challenge last year (here) and I’ll admit, it was definitely that- a challenge. I live in a world where I can have pretty much anything I want to drink all day long, coffee, sweet tea, milkshakes… anything- and to cut back to only water, gets a little tough! But what a rich person problem, right?! To consider drinking healthy, clean, pure water “difficult”. Last time I did this, for 10 days straight I thought about those who didn’t have the luxury of safe drinking water, and was grateful to be on board with a program striving to change that… so even though I’ll really miss my morning cup of joe I can’t wait to support such an awesome cause. Check out the 10days website to learn more and get on board yourself!