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One week and counting

We’ve been home for just over a week and are starting to settle into a routine. Over all the kids are doing really pretty well. Praise the Lord they are eating and sleeping! All other challenges seem secondary to those. I’ll admit- the communication barrier has in fact been a little more difficult than I expected. The boys will say something to me in their language- and I’ll reply to whatever I think they might be trying to say in english and quite often we all just get frustrated. Being that the boys talk nonstop to each other all day long to be honest I think they are trying extra hard to get us to learn what they are speaking to make it easier on them 😉 … They have taught us their words for bathroom, more, done, dog, light and water to name a few. The first words they learned in english were elephant and monkey… Oh so helpful when trying to communicate with one another on a daily basis! In time they will pick it up slowly. For now we use a lot of gesturing and we manage ok.

As I mentioned they are really pretty good eaters. For the first week our family picked up catered food from the local Ethiopian restaurant so that food would be one less “new” thing right away. We slowly started to introduce them to American cuisine and have been surprised at some of the things the boys have taken to. Yakob loved ranch dressing from the first taste- he wanted to eat it out of a spoon at dinner tonight! – he and Mark and like two peas in a pod there. Much to our surprise they like Talapia, sweet potatoes, meat balls, baked beans, bacon and salami … Along with some of the more expected favorites like raisins, fruit cups, pancakes and maple syrup.

Having gotten sick, and Mark going back to work full time immediately … On top of adjusting to chasing three littles around all day long- I (to be expected) had a few moments where I just didn’t think i was going to make it through the day. But I did, by the grace of God.

As challenging as the days are we have SO much to be thankful for- and right now one of my absolute favorites is that we sit down at the table together, all five of us for three meals a day. Mark is so sweet to cook us all breakfast before he goes to work, and then comes home for lunch everyday- and we top it off with dinner together as well- something we have decided to make an absolute priority for our family as we grow closer day by day.

Chow for now!


  1. You look like a big happy family! Still can’t believe you have three children!! I remember reading about this quest for so long and am happy it finally came true for you all. Hopefully I can meet them someday when I’m visiting Atlanta.

  2. Chassidy Hodgins says:

    October 24, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Congrats Rachel & Mark! So happy for the both of you!