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Oh the Ebb and Flow

Well, we went backwards again on the sibling waiting list- bummed, no doubt. Its funny how we anxiously await getting numbers from our agency each month, and every now and then you felt better off before you heard. AGCI assured us “you never really go backwards in this process”, which I agree with- but in the midst, it seems unfortunate. Mark and I had a couple hours of feeling disappointed, then reassured ourselves we were meant for this journey, the whole journey … so we pulled ourselves up by the boot straps and hoped for better progress next month! As we circle in on Christmas, I can’t help but think about all the fun things we’d be doing as a family if our kid(s) were here with us- so I’m storing all of it up in my brain bank and looking forward to next year- while enjoying a very “quiet” Christmas season in the here and now.

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  • The title of a magazine I loved as a teenager (seems ridiculous now)
  • The number of syllables in a haiku (5+7+5).
  • In most states, the age at which you may donate blood (I tried that once: blacked out, nearly passed out… still havent tried it again- I should man up and give it another go! ┬áMaybe 2012 is the year for it.)