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Matching Grant Fund

We’ve just received word of an enormous financial blessing here at the tail end of our adoption. Throughout this process we have been so thankful for friends and family partnering with us through different fundraisers, and giving gifts as we prepared for different costs we’d need to cover along with way… and now that we are at the end- we have been given one last huge opportunity to raise money to cover our travel expenses to bring our kids home…


So- here’s the skinny. We are the recipients of a Matching Grant through Brittany’s Hope Seedling program. Basically, they are a non profit organization that helps to fund adoptions, especially of siblings or special needs children… so with adopting three- we became eligible! If we can raise $4,000 they will double it to $8,000! This would just about cover the cost of those 4 plane tickets we still need to buy.  The kicker is we have to meet our $4,000 goal- or it doesn’t get doubled.

If you are at all interested in partnering with us to get them home- first off- GIGANTIC thank you!!! And a small sidenote- it’s a tax deductible donation for you as all money goes directly to Brittany’s Hope before it is awarded to us. You can click on the banner below and it will take you to our portal on their site where donations can be made. Seriously, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity and thoughtfulness.



Also!! Big thanks to everyone who has been donating towards our garage sale this weekend. Friday afternoon Mark and I will be driving all around the Northside of Atlanta with a truck and trailer picking up offered donations to drop off to sell Saturday Morning… watch out Clampetts we might give you a run for your money. And to double our fun- all money the yard sale makes will be going towards the grant as well- so say your old mixing bowls sell for $5 that turns into $10 (assuming we can hit our goal)- sweet right!?


Thanks again for everyone’s support!!


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  1. I’ve been reading about your journey. I’m a friend of Virginia’s (Bubar). It is beautiful and wonderful how things are coming together. Praying for the continued success in the adoption process! God bless you and your family!