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“Man in the Mirror”

Wednesday afternoon I was heading to my individual interview with our social worker, I wasn’t particularly nervous, but for the nearly hour long drive to her house I thought I could use a little “hyping up”  So… I popped in, none other than Michael Jackson, my original music-motivator… (all of you who know me well are not the least bit surprised!)  I rocked out to Wanna be Startin’ Something, Jam, Smooth Criminal… and you got it Black or White. I’m sure my fellow I-85 commuters were no doubt entertained by my uninhibited dancing while driving.   As I got closer to her house I realized I was going to be a few minutes early, so I pulled into the Church parking lot across the street from her neighborhood.  I put the car in park, and immediately what comes on? … Man in the Mirror.  I thought to myself, wow… really God! 🙂  I was totally pumped.  Michael and I rocked a duet:

… I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror,

I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways,

No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer,

If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place,

Take A Look At Yourself and Then Make The Change,

You Gotta Get It Right, While You Got The Time,

Cause When You Close Your Heart, You Can’t Close Your Mind!

That Man, That Man, That Man, That Man …

The timing was impecable. If you want to make a change, you’ve got to start with yourself, and while you’ve got the time.  Not down.the.road…but now.  Some people might argue that God wouldn’t speak through “MJ”.  But to me that day… He did.  He said I’m here, with YOU. Guiding you through the sometimes crazy plan I’ve called you to.  To the change you’ll be experiencing “hopefully” soon as I tether you and Mark’s hearts forever with these precious children I have for you!   (like how I said “Children” … yep, still hopeful for siblings)

By the way, I had a great interview, as did Mark on Thursday and this afternoon we’re meeting her again at our house for the “safety” home evaluation.   I feel pretty prepared, having purchased some “toddler proofing” gear, I think we’re in good shape… another post to come on that soon, those stinkin’ cabinet locks!

Oh… and the dance photos above are from a duet I did last fall to Michael Jackson’s “beat it”.  A little random, but somehow it seemed suitable for the post 😉

Have a great weekend!