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It’s a Small World… after all.

Mark and I keep talking about ways to incorporate Ethiopian culture, and well simply a broader world view into our home, so when our kid(s) get here we’ll be even more diverse in our thinking and day to day lives.  So. Baby steps. Our living room has a MASSIVE two story wall and it sat blank for 3 years.  Until now.  We knew Ikea had this fantastically large map and I thought what a great way to keep our perspective BIG, reminding us that God is holding all of this, that He created it, He’s in control and He has a plan.  Aside from the fact that my geography skills are amping up ten-fold ;), I love to sit there, look at this map and think, God is making this happen…  He’s forever joining our lives with a child’s 1/2 way across the world.  He knows their name, their story, their pain and their joy.  That He’s that Big!    Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our day to day schedule in our own little world and forget about what’s going on around us, it’s not close enough to see on a daily basis, but its there.  Poverty, heartbreak, disease, pain.  But there’s hope.  Hope in Christ, He came to save us, all of us from this broken world.  Ephesians 2:11-22 reminds me that though we all have different stories, we are all “fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household”.  God has joined us.  Us with our child to be, and us with everyone else in the body of Christ.  May we each have a constant remind of how Big God is, and to trust in His grace and mercy, to follow His lead.  He’s got the whole world in His hands… and He can handel it.

  1. I am so beyond excited for you guys. I am praying for you, your child-to-be, and the amazing plan God has for their life. It’s got to be pretty amazing to begin with a trip across the world to their forever home with their forever mom and dad, right? The map is a fabulous idea to remind you of the huge things that He has already done and help you remember that NOTHING is too big!