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I Lift My Hands | May 17, 2011

I Lift My Hands

What would now be last night, Mark and I were at the office late working on updating our (business) website and as the hours ticked closer to midnight we decided to hang around and wait up for the launch of Chris Tomlin’s new music video staring none other than Creed!  12am on the nose, I had the song title typed into iTunes and was ready for instant download.  We anxiously awaited for it to process, Mark pulled a chair up to my desk and we zoomed into full screen.  I had butterflies for some reason.  I guess all the excitement building up to finally seeing it got the best of me.  The minute I saw Creed’s sweet face flash up there tears just cascaded down my face.  Instantly I felt the reality of his journey this past year, how close we came to loosing him and the indescribable joy of knowing we didn’t.

I highly suggest you download the video on itunes, not just to see the Creeder, but for the song itself.  No matter the circumstance, lift your hands.

Song/Video Title: I Lift My Hands

Artist: Chris Tomlin


Also, how cool is it that this song was released the DAY Creed goes in to have his port removed… what a story God is writing.  Please pray that goes well!


I snuck a few screen shots of the video, enjoy…



  1. This was by far the best purchase Ryan and I have made in a long time! Also, are those your legs in the video? I thought maybe I recognized those boots ; )

  2. aww!! You know they looked like mine but we weren’t there on the day of the shoot… funny huh 🙂