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Halloween Surprise for Creed

There’s no 5 year old that would want to spend Halloween in the hospital, no doubt there.  So Mark and I talked the rest of my family into putting some costumes together to surprise Creed on Sunday to help break up the day.  In a matter of 48 hours we pulled together 6 homemade costumes, it was team work at it’s finest.  Woody, Jessie, Little Bo-Peep, Army man, Mr and Mrs. Potato Head (My brother was rather upset after being demoted from Buzz to a starch, but he took one for the team and rocked the Mr. Potato Head like a champ!)  Creed got a buzz shirt, so he finished out the crew.  We shared so many laughs getting geared up for the big surprise.  When we walked in the room, we shocked Creed for sure!  He buried his face in his covers, and wouldn’t look up right away.  Once he realized it was just us.. he warmed up 🙂  You’ll notice Creed was Bumble Bee from Transformers. Very fun.  We also got plenty of other smiles from kids in his unit and throughout the hospital.  Here’s us with Jesse; he asked if we could take a picture with him, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head had already left the building, but the rest of us jumped at the chance.

On the adoption front we’ve got a big week ahead of us!  Both of our personal interviews are this week followed by our home evaluation.  We’re excited to make all this headway… once this wraps up we’ll be one big step closer to getting all of our documentation together.

…and also if you’re following my Drink Water to Give Water campaign, I’m 8 days in, and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  2 more days and I’ll be enjoying a Venti Chai Tea Latte.  I crave my beverages, but I’ve really enjoyed being apart of this journey, it’s been eye opening.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out here.

And I’ll leave you with this bit of encouragement:  “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You“. Isaiah 26:3