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Fully Funded Grant!!!!

Yes- it’s true and in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!  I honestly can’t believe it!!  The thought of raising $4,000 in about a month seemed a little intimidating- but the Lord worked in a BIG way- and not only made it happen, but made it happen incredibly fast.  I think so often He works in ways that are so HUGE it is obvious it has come from Him.   Through the generosity and thoughtfulness of our friends, family, and strangers we are overcome with humility that each of you would want to be a part of the journey to our children- a great big hug to each of you!!!! THANK YOU!!


“But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” -Psalm 86:15


So- the yard sale stats- we made $800!!  And you know the crazy thing- I think the most expensive item was probably only $40.  Thats a lot of small stuff that accumulated to such a big final number.  Thank you to Candy, Chad, Virginia and Pete for the long hours of unpacking, pricing and negotiating… and especially for the countless laughs as we worked through the mass of donations together!  It wouldn’t have happened without you.