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Four weeks!? | Nov 7, 2012

Four weeks!?

It doesn’t seem possible that we are already half way through our fourth week of being home. Some days have felt insanely long while others just breezed by. Overall we are already seeing changes start to take place in terms of the boys opening up to us and it’s really exciting to watch unfold.

Their English has made significant improvements from our first few weeks- and our ‘oromo’ has gotten better too. We joke that we’ll probably always end up speaking a hybrid of the two languages for years to come as some words have just stuck.

Here are a few of their favorite things to do right now:

One of the first words they picked up was ‘fragile’ … I suppose we had a few things here and there we wanted them to be careful with… So both boys love to walk around the house all day pointing to things and declaring ‘Fragile!!’ – quite often we reply with, ‘we’ll no, not really buddy- that’s plastic’ – hours of entertainment for them.

If you were a fly on our wall multiple times a day you would also hear one of the boys shout ‘I am a C!’ … Which means they want to hear the Sunday School song ‘I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N’ … We got our hands on a couple CDs they were listening to while in our agency’s transition home in Ethiopia and this clearly is one of their favorite songs off the disk.

At night once the baby is asleep we all snuggle in the boys bed while Mark reads Bible stories. They are currently absolutely obsessed with David and Goliath… They call him Galiah. They have memorized parts of the story and its completely adorable to hear them shout out the parts they know with Mark- we especially love when they get to the part where David exclaims ‘I am small, But God is GREAT!’

Last post I mentioned how we all eat at the table three meals a day together. That still happens and it’s fantastic. One evening we went to hold hands to bless the food and Simon, the oldest, pointed to himself and said ‘Simon, Simon do it’ … Which of course we agreed to. In English he said ‘Thank you God for this food, bless this food, AMEN!’ … Mark and i looked at each other shocked! We have no idea where he learned that- our blessings tend to be more lengthy- not as short and sweet- it was a precious moment for sure. And still every time we sit down he does the same thing- demands that he blesses it.

We are just closing in on a month of being united as a family and we feel SO blessed that The Lord chose us to be their parents. Each day we learn a little more about their personalities and fall more in love with each of them. It’s been an awesome start to one amazing journey.


  1. I loved reading this update….God bless you all!!! So happy for you and your children!!!

  2. God is Great! So glad to see the update Rachel! you guys are on our hearts all the time {hugs}