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Finger Prints | Sep 14, 2010

Finger Prints

Today we rushed to the Courthouse before work in hopes of picking up copies of our marriage license along with *finger crossed* getting finger printed for our FBI check.  Seems like these days everyone has gone digital, yep, even in the finger printing world and our little cardstock hand outs were a thing of the past.  We were ushered into this small holding room, buzzed the door and waited.  and waited.  We were later greeted and when the sweet lady deputy found out we needed them done old school she closed the door on us and offered to call around.  We waited. still waiting. She came back, “I think I’ve found a couple places that can do it, let me get you their numbers“.  Door closes.  More waiting. She comes back, “good news, the boss say’s we can override and print you the old fashion way.  Let me get out the machine and I’ll call you back”. Yay for us, we were in!  … and at this point already 20 minutes late for work, no big deal being self employed and all, unless your intern is outside your building in her car waiting on you and your phone is locked in your car, outside, past security to give her a heads up.  I sneak out, give her a call, a BIG apology and back through security I head.  We got all inked up and 15 minutes later we have the coveted card stock of finger prints!  As sweet deputy lady was printing us she asked us where we were adopting from, we told her Ethiopia and her jaw dropped.  “Wow“, she said.  “That’s sad since there are so many kids here that need homes“… “Wait” she says.  “I actually have no idea what I’m talking about so I’ll stop now!” …  I chucked inside and didn’t really know what to say, but was appreciative that she was respectful of us.  God has lead us to Ethiopia and so we follow Him.

After graciously thanking her for pulling out the old wood and metal printing block we scrubbed up (they use some crazy stick ink) and headed to Probate court to get the marriage license copies, a much zippier process…

And off to work we went, an hour late.