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Even Steven | Oct 4, 2011

Even Steven

Twenty!  You know what that means… one step away from the teens on the sibling list!! … but the girl’s list moves twice as fast so only time will tell where we land.  We’re so excited to be inching our way down.  On a side note, life has been hectic around our house- we worked like crazy to wrap up things at the office to get out of town for a week – a 5th anniversary get-a-way sandwiched in the middle of a family road trip… then worked like crazy to catch up from being gone.  We’re settling back in and enjoying this delightful weather.  I’m not sure I should admit it or not but we’ve actually have an indoor fire (or two) already.  The Campbell’s don’t waste time.  The minute the weather falls into the 60’s we like to warm things back up- kinda crazy.  We’ve already started to make Halloween plans w/ our nephew Ryder (above) and can’t help but think how this time last year we were hoping to be making costumes for our babe(s) right about now – but Halloween 2012- WATCH OUT… I got a good feeling there will be some extreme Halloween craftiness going on in our home.


Also, I still need to post pics of our ‘lil garden out back.  It’s growing- rather nicely in fact… and we’ve been able to enjoy a little home grown lettuce so far.  The others are taking their dear sweet time- seems to be a theme around our house.


Lastly, weekend after next we are having a garage sale to raise some money for our trips to Ethiopia- so if you have any junk you want to get rid of, we’ll come get it from you!  … assuming you live ITP or OTP Atlanta.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure right!?  Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll plan to drop by.


Number Stats:

  • $20 is the threshold value of civil disputes above which the right to trial by jury is preserved
  • There are 20 ounces in Venti size coffees at Starbucks (…had my share of those!)


  • Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (A constant prayer of mine lately)
  • 51 AD Possible date in which the New Testament book 1 Thessalonians was written
  • The code for international direct dial phone calls to Peru