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Ethiopian Festival

This past weekend Mark and I had the pleasure of joining our friends the Pearson’s (Chad, Candy and Cliffy) to the seventh annual Ethiopian Festival. Considering this only comes around once a year we we so excited to jump at the opportunity and get a taste of Ethiopian culture right here in Atlanta. When we got there, about an hour after it was slated to start, we quickly realized they were running on “African Time” … and everything wasn’t quite ready yet 😉  But none the less we enjoyed getting a taste of the culture.  We were hoping to buy a piece of Ethiopian artwork but unfortunately they didn’t have very many tents set up with items available to purchase, just a few garments and things… and Mark wasn’t quite ready yet to rock the traditional Ethiopian garb!  We did however get to enjoy a classic meal, we opted for the “cooked” beef, salad and injera.  I’m all about learning the culture, but wasn’t up for the raw beef, that may take a while. Overall we had a great time, especially spending the afternoon with the Pearson’s.  Their little boy Cliffy is well, let me just say delicious!  I couldn’t get enough of him.  Looking forward to next year’s event!