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Dossier IN! | Jan 5, 2011

Dossier IN!

Last week we sent off our STACK of paperwork to our agency for review.  We were holding our breath from the minute we dropped it off at FedEx until we got the call from AGCI stating they had it in their hands… whew.  The though of it getting lost in transition was nauseating… all the hours, i just couldn’t think about it.  But praising God that it made it to them safely!  This included the Homestudy (that we shared was already approved) along with all of our other required paperwork including references, background checks, employment verification, marriage certificates, birth certificates, financial work sheets, PoAs, photos, just to name a few.  We waited for the call to come on Monday saying whether or not everything was done correctly.  Our case worker told us 95% of people have to make some sort of adjustment (not surprising when you think of amount of paperwork in its entirety) but Mark and I were SO hopeful we had done it right.  We triple checked everything!!  How could we have missed something? We didn’t think we had.

We got the call and were told what a great job we did on our Dossier!! …. BUT.  There had to be a but didn’t there.  Bummer.  Two very small changes were in order for us.  One of our Notary’s didn’t fill in our names that we were in fact the people she was notarizing… shucks.  And our employment verification was on one letter from our accountant (we are self employed- together in fact, so this made sense to us, but unfortunately they asked that we each had our OWN letter.  And then, then we would have everything complete.

So, we spent yesterday, our last day off from work, running around getting these three peices re-done and sent off!  Thursay the revised documents will be in Toni’s hands at AGCI, and hopefully… if everything goes well… we’ll have numbers, actual waiting list numbers!  What a BIG day that will be.  Hopefully.

I remind myself with a hopeful heart:

“Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus;” Romans 15:5.

God knows our numbers and maybe by the weekend, we will too!