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Dance Dance Revolution

I’ve been blessed with an awesome opportunity to do some contract dance work for Re-Think Group, a division of Orange.  Basically their mission or strategy is to combine the light of the church with the love of family to impact future generations.  From preschool to college, helping kids see God for who He really is, and to see themselves as God sees them.  So what have I been doing with them?  Dancing on a couple shoots for music videos that instill Biblical principals and virtues, and let me tell you it’s a blast!  This past shoot was for the dance DVD that accompanies the most recent CD they’ve put out.  We teach kids the “moves” that go along with the song, them perform them (I’ll share where you can get it once it’s available for anyone interested).  I told Mark if I could do this full time I’d quit working with him and just dance!  It’s certainly different from my background in ballet, going from live theater to six takes of the same song; and its great, if I goof up.. they’ll just edit me right out.  Below are a few more pics from the shoots last month…. and in case you were wondering; no, head-spins were not part of the choreography taught to the kids 😉 just a little free style going on!

  1. How cool!!! I bet the Ryder Man would love to see those videos once he’s a bit older!!! Then we can all learn and groove together!!! <3