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Custom Christmas Card Fundraiser Time!

Wow, its already time to start thinking about Christmas cards… we’ll it might still be a little early, but that is to your advantage!  If you go ahead and place an order for Custom Christmas Cards, designed by yours truly, there are perks::  one– you save 20% :: two- I get to spread out the work load :: and three– your card just might be the FIRST Christmas card in the mailboxes of your friends and family this Holiday season- I know an often coveted ‘claim to fame’ among my circle of friends.

So basically, in an attempt to raise money for getting our kiddo(s) home, I ‘ll coordinate with you in putting together your ideal, Christmas Card.  You get a great, completely original card, and we get to put a little money in the ‘wee campbell fund’.  We’ll talk back and forth regarding what you want your card to look like, say, if there are any pictures you’d like included, that sort of thing- you’ll be an integral part of the process…. OR- you can say to me- “I don’t have a picture and I don’t know what to say on it” and I’ll run with that too!

Above are just a few examples of last year’s cards I put together, thanks again for continuing to partner with us, and drop a comment if you have any questions!

Also- this fundraiser to open to other card types as well, I’d be happy to do birth announcements, birthday parties- you name it!