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Close Watch | Mar 25, 2011

Close Watch

Amidst the confusion over a new policy, we did receive updated waiting list numbers from AGCI… and they were very encouraging!  What this means going forward? not sure… but we are certainly celebrating the progress over the last month and 1/2.  If you recall last time we moved a whole 2 spots, but since that update…get ready… 17 children have been referred to their family!!  13 on the girl list and 4 on the sibling list (I guess that’s actually more than 17:  looking at 4 sibling referrals and considering it takes at least two kids to make a sibling group we’re talking more like 21 kidos!) … you know, just because I graduated from GA Tech doesn’t make me the quickest mathematician on the block.

As with last month’s trend, here are a few interesting facts about our current numbers:


  • Moses was 80 years old when he initially spoke to Pharaoh on behalf of his people
  • I-80 is an interstate highway going from New York to San Francisco
  • The atomic number of mercury


  • The length of Mark’s inseam 🙂
  • The number of inches in a yard
  • The number of possible outcomes in the roll of two dice