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Booming Generosity, a Yard Sale … and FAQs

We’ve been blown away with everyone’s overwhelming support and generosity! If I told you the specifics of how countless friends, family and even strangers have gone out of their way to secure us gear, toys, clothes, financial support, etc… trust me- you wouldn’t believe me. thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU! We still have a long way to go, but a HUGE dent has been made in terms of the “stuff” we are going to need.

Along those lines, some AWESOME friends have offered to throw us a Fundraiser Yard Sale to help with the final travel expenses we have ahead of us!! This is HUGE. Did I mention one of these lovely ladies is 7 months pregnant with their third… like she doesn’t already have her hands full… yes … we have some incredible friends! SO- if you have junk laying around (which I know you do!), that old useless stuff could go towards getting our babes home. If you interested in donating anything please let me know and with grateful and humble hearts we can take it off your hands!! The yard sale will be mid September, so you still have a couple weeks to hunt and gather.

Lastly, in terms of keeping everyone up to speed on our next steps here is my best attempt to answer some of the common questions that have been coming up:

Are they home?
Not yet :/ After spending a week with all three kids we had to board a plane and come back to the States without them (not fun!).

When will they come home?
We are estimating in 5-10 weeks we will be able to travel back to Ethiopia for our final trip to get all the documentation wrapped up (they will officially be ours!) and we will come home a family of 5.

Why can’t you show their faces?
We are not allowed to share their faces until we complete our US Embassy appointment which will take place on the second trip I mentioned above…. I’m not trying to be artistic with the photos and just keep you in suspense- I’d love to show you those smiles!!! – just can’t yet.

Are you planning to keep their Ethiopian Names?
We are keeping the boy’s birth names as their first names. Given their age, (and that they 100% recognize those are their names) we wouldn’t consider changing them and putting them through a completely unnecessary identity crisis 🙂 Thankfully they are short and sweet! Baby girl- well to be honest we haven’t decided if we are going to keep her birth name as her first or middle name, or abbreviate it… We can share with you the birth names once again, after the Embassy appointment.

That’s the skinny for now… thanks again to everyone and please please let me know if you’d like to donate anything to the yard sale!