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Bargain Books | Mar 29, 2011

Bargain Books

Over the weekend, Mark and I stopped by Borders to see if they had any good finds left (now that they are going out of business) and boy did we hit the jackpot!  We went in looking for design books for the office, which of course there were none, and most everything else was picked over as well, except… yep, the Adoption Section …Don’t bother going now though because I bought them out!!  Everything in the parenting section was 60% off and I got these great finds:

Along with an Ethiopia Travel book.  Mark is very excited about reading this one.  He said I can read the others and fill him in on the important stuff 😉

I’ve heard really good things about The Connected Child and Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child.  I’m excited to dig in further…. and can you believe I got all 4 of them for under 30 bucks!

  1. I wish you had picked up that potty training book I see on the top shelf and sent it to someone you know with a very stubborn two year old! Happy reading!