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BaCkWarDs?!… | Jun 21, 2011


When we got our waiting list numbers this month, I was hopeful for a little movement.  I had a feeling we didn’t make much progress, but I never expected our numbers to go Backwards!!  I guess you just never know what to expect along this journey.  We got the email from our Agency and after a month of waiting to see where we stood, it was a little disappointing, but we’ll just roll with the punches.  Our girl number stayed the same, and our sibling list went back up to 30.  We were so pumped to make it to the 20’s last month… didn’t manage to enjoy that for long, but maybe by July we’ll taste it again!  We sent our case worker an email asking why we went back up, unfortunately we haven’t heard back from her but we have a guess as to what happened:

We think someone ahead of us in line adjusted their referral parameters to now be open to a sibling group, so they slide in front of those behind them…

So, here’s to hoping we make forward progress over this next month.  I figured there’s no need in posting fun number stats this month, cause I got nothin’ new for now…

… “Love is never tired of waiting.”1 Corinthians 13:4



  1. When your little ones see you they are going to be so glad that your number went back up to 30. 🙂 They are going to want you.

  2. Thanks Amy.. always looking on the bright side! It’s all part of the Lord plan, aligning us with the kids HE has for us.