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Amazing Grace | Dec 2, 2010

Amazing Grace

Have you ever felt as though God’s grace was just washing down over you, more like surging through your entire body?  That beauty or balance is so present in the circumstances of you life it could only come from Him.  Over the past few weeks I’ve had moments of this, sometimes even standing there and proclaiming to myself “I’m not worthy of this!”  “I don’t deserve it”.  Then, sometimes I catch myself ruining the moment thinking, “I need to do more for You, I need to be better, serve harder, love deeper, You’re just too good to me”.  In those instances my heart aches for the response of my flesh.  No! I don’t need to “do” anything, because that is just how stunning the God we serve is.  His love for us, unfathomable love, deeper than we as humans will ever comprehend, hinges on nothing I will ever do and on everything Christ has already done.  In his book What’s so Amazing about Grace Philip Yancey writes “Grace is not about finishing first, or last it’s about not counting”.  I love that.  No counting.  It’s so counter cultural and often hard to fathom “just not counting”.  So many other avenues of our lives here require keeping track; about making progress and decisions, getting things done.  How stunning is that there is nothing for me to “tally”.  That God celebrates me just standing there, drowning in His love.  May I stop tarnishing these moments with tasks, be still and just submerge.

*Photo in our neighborhood from the 2010 “Snow Day”.  Whenever it snows its reminds me of God’s love, just covering over everything!! … and with the recent cold weather, maybe snow is not too far around the corner… wishful thinking, i know.