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African Family Fellowship

Weekend before last … that’s how slow I am at this… Mark and I had the pleasure of joining friends who are in the process or have already adopted kidos from Africa. We love it every time we get the chance to hang out. Not only is it encouraging to see that yes, eventually your child(ren) do come home after the looooong wait, but more importantly we are fostering relationships with friends we hope to stay in touch with from here on out. Youngs, Pearsons, Chalks, Bubars, etc… yep. you heard me. You’re stuck with us!  Not only are these friends a great resource and so encouraging, but there’s just something very cool knowing they’ve walked the same journey… faced the same hurdles, highs and lows to bring there babies home.

Below are a few pics from the weekend.  Enjoy!

  1. How awesome! I think it’s so great that you and Mark have friends that are going through or have been through the process that you’re going through to bring your child(ren) home. It is so wonderful to be able to have a support system of people who know exactly what you are facing!

    I am so excited for the day that you get to bring your sweet child(ren) home. We can’t wait to love on them.



  2. Ps. Is them Miss Clementine that you are holding? All those babies are so adorable!