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Adoption “Mom” Retreat

Last Friday afternoon I headed out in the rain for a weekend retreat, Created for Care, designed especially for adoption moms coordinated by a dear friend, Andrea Young. Lucky for me it was right around the corner, at the Legacy Lodge at Lake Lanier.  I think I was the closest attendee!  Mothers flew in from far and wide, NY, CA, you name it, to enjoy the opportunity to fellowship with others who have embarked on this beautiful journey of adoption.

As I find myself in this season of not-quite-being-a-mom-yet I feel very sponge-like, for lack of a better word, trying to absorb in every ounce of knowledge I can regarding what to expect when our child(ren) are home, but most importantly how to nurture them back to a place of trust and love, helping to reshape their spirit from a broken past.  So.. having said that,  I was super excited to soak up ever bit of encouragement along with practical teaching I could get my hands on.

The mission of the retreat revolved around one central verse of Scripture, Psalm 84:3 “Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young–a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God.”  When we have our homes near the altar of God, we can be confidant He is there, and He is all we need.

The weekend was going great.  I was getting to connect with a new friend Kimberly, my roommate actually, who got on the waiting list one week before we did!  Diving further into each others story about how we landed where we are today.  We were enjoying break-out sessions, “date with God” and even African hair care, yes! That’s right, it’s a lot of pressure, can’t mess up that hair.

My overall take home was to lean into the Holy Spirit and make the Word of God a priority.  These are the strong holds.  How do you draw your children to the Lord? By staying immersing yourself.  Everything else will make its way.

Moving along, mid afternoon on Saturday I got a text from Mark, asking when I had a free chance to give him a call. So, I did, not thinking anything of it really.  He asked me to find a quiet place and my heart started pounding. really hard.

He reluctantly shared with me that our nephew Creed (who has spent the last 150+/- days in the hospital including the last 8 or so weeks in the PICU after a Bone Marrow Transplant in August) is in very critical condition.  After having trouble breathing and planning to intubate him, the doctors struggled to get the tube down and he coded twice.  Was without a pulse or oxygen.  They got him stable again, but feared he suffered brain damage.  At that point they didn’t know where he stood.

Immediately, before I could even get to my room to pack and rush over to the hospital, I was poured over with such compassionate prayer from others at the retreat.  It was so powerful,  being around this amazing collective of women who’s heart yearn for the Lord and longed to bring Creed before Him, center each of us on His grace and healing power before they ushered me out the door to be with the rest of the family.  I really don’t even have words for the way it changed my heart that afternoon.

And now, it is my absolute joy to share that Creed is recovering amazingly well, The Lord performed a miracle that afternoon!!  It’s a big deal.  He heard EVERYONE’s prayers and continues to bless us with Creed and his story.  All concerns of brain damage have ceased!  He’s one very little boy who’s journey is doing HUGE things for the kingdom of God.

I started the weekend out hoping God would open my heart to learning more about being a great mom, but it turns out He reminded me more about being a child, His child.  Falling at His feet, and being overwhelmed by His Love for us.

  1. Rach,

    What an amazing story you just shared.

    We are beyond joyful that Creed is recovering so well. He is definitely inCREEDable!!!

    There is no doubt in my heart that you are going to be an amazing mommy!



  2. There is nothing more beautiful than God revealing himself to his children. Thank you for sharing that, Rachel.

  3. What a day that was – and now to see the pictures from yesterday! Miracle indeed! You’re going to be such a great mommy!