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May 07

Well, Mark and I, we’re a lot of things.  Husband and wife (married in 2006), business owners (co-founders of LogosAtlanta), well… and Popadu too; ballerina and swimmer, artist and motorcyclist, but most importantly children of God.  We first fell in love with Africa in 2005 when we went on a Heart for Africa trip to Swaziland, since that trip we’ve worked closely with another ministry Wiphan {widows + orphans} here from the states to support widows and orphans.  We’ve loved on Africa in person, and from far away, but felt the Lord calling us to more.  He places the lonely in families, and He’s called ours.  We’ve felt a calling to deep and true to deny, God has tugged on our heart-strings and is not letting go…we’re so excited to adopt our first child (or two!) from Ethiopia.