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10 days of water | Oct 25, 2010

10 days of water

My very hip friend Tara approached me about getting on board with her for a fundraiser through Living Water, and I couldn’t resist. Today I’m joining thousands around the country, giving up all beverages other than water for 10 days to give water! Yep, no coffee, milk or sweet tea (agh!) for 10 days to bring safe, clean water to those living without it.  Basically, the money we would have spent on beverages for 10 days will go towards a water well drilling trip to Guatemala she will be taking in February.  I’m super excited about this initiative and anxious to see just how much money I spend on drinks.  Even just this morning I woke up to the sound of rain hitting our roof and thought to myself, “what a great lazy morning for a cup of hot chocolate”, Ha, nope… not today.  You know, it’s an interesting concept, that we’re “denying ourselves” to only drink the one thing those less fortunate would give just about anything to get.  I expect these 10 days will help keep things in just a little bit clearer perspective for me.  Feel free to check out the video to learn more about the campaign or get involved yourself here: 10 days.

  1. You’re the bomb, Rachey!
    Thanks for loving me, and for letting Him shine through all you do!!